Free Stuff for Science Teachers

Here is the full list of links to free resources for science teachers online. Please add your comments and your own links to free stuff by clicking on "Discussion". You may be notified by email any time new discussions are added by clicking the "notify me" tab. If you are a science teacher you can download or request all of these items online or by filling out a form and making a request. If you have suggestions for more free science teacher resources, add them to the discussion page or emailmhorton. If you come across a dead link or an expired offer, please let me know also. Thanks to Ellen Loehman for sending me many new links.

326 Resources and growing!!!

New Items:
Free chapter and activity from Take Home Chemistry book
Free chapter and activity from Take Home Physics book
Online games to encourage hand-washing
Free materials from James Randi Educational Foundation to teach critical thinking and skepticism
Conceptual Chemistry Alive videos: an entire chemistry curriculum worth of videos FREE (click on "Tutorials: Video Lessons")
Free website with biographical info about Famous Scientists
A Year's Worth of Life Science Activities by C. Whitmore, presented at CSTA: AYearofLifeScienceLabs.pdf
Popular Science 137 years of archived magazines FREE
StrategicSciTchgBk.pdf Strategic Science Teaching book from from the CISC Science Subcommittee (great book, now full version is FREE!)
List of science teacher grants with links Grants.doc
Inquiry in Action book inquiry-based physical science book also molecular models and videos from American Chemical Society
Book: Essential Elements of Effective Science Instruction for English Learners (link may be broken; try this one) by Fred Dobb

Free Science Podcasts:
Science Misconception Podcast by Michael Horton
Video Podcasts for AP Chemistry, dozens of episodes
**Free audio and video university science lectures**. Hundreds of feeds available.
NSTA's "Lab Out Loud" podcast about science education
American Chemical Society's podcast, Bytesize Science for students
60-Second science podcast gives a 1-minute story each day on a variety of subjects. Perfect as a sponge activity.
60-Second psych podcast gives 1-minutes stories of brain and behavior research.
60-Second Earth podcast about Earth Science Topics from Scientific American
The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe podcast hosted by Dr. Steven Novella covers topics of pseudoscience, UFOs, aliens, and homeopathy. Very funny cast, often inappropriate language for students but great for teachers.
The Naked Scientists podcast. The title sounds bad, but this is a great podcast always appropriate for students and teachers. Has a segment called "Kitchen Science" each episode with simple-to-do experiments (archived online).
Science podcasts dealing with a variety of issues particularly interesting to new science teachers.
Science Inquirer Summer Edition had a list of over a dozen free podcasts from the BBC, Popular Science, Science Magazine, and more.
MicrobeWorld Radio, Microbiology podcast 90 seconds per day

Free posters:
"Make Waves -- Discover Science" posters
Free Optics and Photonics posters from SPIE