It is so important for a teacher to be organized and its even more important to teach our students to be organized. I have divided this section into two: Teacher Organization Ideas and Student Organization Ideas.

Teacher Organization IdeasGreat Idea for Small Group Tables: Storage and Seating all in one.


Teachers check out this website for useful organizational tip and strategies:

|| external image centers_listening_center.jpg

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Cassette player storage units were purchased from The Dollar Tree. They are actually shower caddies. Too cute!.
Listening Center
Books and cassette tapes are kept in clear Zip-Lock bags. The books on tape are stored in a two-tiered metal crate. Students choose books on tape and then select a numbered portable cassette player.

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Library Center
Students choose books from the classroom library to read independently

Writing Center
Students work on individual writing projects

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Self Selected Reading Center
Students choose books from the classroom library to read independently

Independent Learning Center
Students select and complete independent learning activities from the pocket

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external image centers_activity_pockets.jpg
Activity Boxes
Students choose activities from the red activity boxes during Independent Learning Centers.
Activity Pockets
Students choose phonics, language, or math activity pockets during Independent Learning Centers.

Classroom Organization

I am known for being extremely organized. So I have decided to share some of my organizational ideas for the classroom:
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I store my lesson plans in a 1 inch binder and stand it up on a stand. That way it keeps things from laying all over my desk.Click Here to Download My Lesson Plan Template
external image 001.JPG
external image 002.JPG
This is how I organize my worksheets, lessons, etc. that I am using for that week. I purchased this at Lakeshore.
external image 005.JPG
I always like to stay planned ahead. So this is how I store my copies for the weeks to come. I bought these bins at Wal-mart. Each bin is labeled math, morning work, centers, etc.
external image 015.JPG
external image 007.JPG
I put all the worksheets, activities, etc. I had for each unit in a 1 inch binder. It makes looking for things so much easier! It is also easy to store. You don't have to worry about all the file cabinet space.
external image 007.JPG
This is how I store my construction paper, writing paper, fancy paper, etc.
external image 018.JPG
external image 017.JPG
This is how I organize all my files. I have a folder for each specific skill.
external image 013.JPG
external image 012.JPG
external image 3-8-2012+002.JPG
external image 3-8-2012+003.JPG

I have these big drawers in my classroom. In order to keep little things organized I used plastic storage bins as separators. I actually used the bins that our math manipulatives came in.
external image 3-8-2012+004.JPG

external image 3-8-2012+005.JPG
Here is a sneak peek into some of my desk drawers!
external image 020.JPG
external image 021.JPG
I store each month's bulletin board items, unit activities, etc. in one of these big plastic bags. I took the shelf out of my cabinet in order to store them all standing up.
external image 008.JPG
external image 009.JPG
I have these book holders for each of my units. They store the read aloud books or any student books that will be used during that unit. I got these book holders at Mardels.
external image 010.JPG
external image 011.JPG
I have a bin for each of my math manipulative items. I purchased these bins at Mardels.Click Here to Download the Math Manipulative Labels
external image 033.JPG
I had my husband make these shelves to fit perfectly under my board. They store my student books and supplies.
external image 002.JPG
Here is a close up of the book bins and the supply bins. I got these bins at Lakeshore and they came four in a package.Click Here to Download the Supply Labels
external image 036.JPG
external image 035.JPG
Here is a close up of the book bin leveling system that I use. All my student books are Accelerated Reader books. They are divided into the different tubs by their book level. I use a sticker and number system so the students know which bin to put their book back into.Click Here to Download the Book Bin Labels
external image 024.JPG
external image 025.JPG
This is another shelf that I had my husband make. This holds different manipulatives, games, activities, etc. for different skills. This makes changing out center games so easy!
Hope you enjoyed looking at how I keep some things organized. If you have any questions on how I organize something, even if it wasn't something that I posed, please let me know! I'll keep adding more ideas!

Student Organization Ideas