This page is designed to give you links and resources to expand your knowledge and growth as an educator.

Books to read:
accommodations resources.jpgThis book has great information regarding accommodations and how to apply them to instruction. (Brings a CD)

explicit instruction.jpgThis book should be the Holy Grail to Special Educators. Dr. Anita Archer has great techniques for you to implement in your classroom to have all students learning. She also has a website where you can watch Dr. Archer doing those very techniques. SHE IS AMAZING!
PRIM.jpgThis book has interventions to use for the most common learning and behavior problems in the educational environment. Great book to have in your school library or as a resource guide for special educators.

Websites for webinars:
School improvement network.jpg This is great site to get webinars for implementing Common Core as well as improving our pedagogy.

Websites for Community Resources:
FIU website.jpg This website is a community resource you can give to parents who are having difficulties with their children.