Toddler and Preschool
This is a great idea for Summer and getting our students ready for school.
external image preschool%2Bbook%2B.jpgInside I put a pencil pouch with dry erase marker and an eraser (a magic eraser works best)
external image preschool%2Bbook3.jpgIn the front pocket I put laminated printables I had already made up. In the back I have some easy reading books as well.
external image preschool%2Bbook%2B2.jpgHomework time.
external image preschool%2Bbook%2B4.jpgI found these great printables online. I love this site for any who are wondering.

external image preschool%2Bbook%2B9.jpgWhen homework time comes around I just pick a section and let him have at it. It has made everything so much easier. My younger son also is fairly enthusiastic about it which has done a number on my supply of dry erase pens. Thank goodness for the dollar store (cheapest place for the FYI) external image preschool%2Bbook%2B5.jpgThen done pull out one of these bad boys, they are amazing. I tried using a regular eraser but it was hard for some reason. This is way better
external image preschool%2Bbook%2B8.jpgalthough it usually ends up looking pretty trashed.
external image preschool%2Bbook%2B6.jpg